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Ellen Grace Philpotts Page is one of the most Renowned Actors and Producers From Canada. Ellen started her career at a very early age. Not everyone in this world has a fortune like her. She got a lot of popularity at a young age and as a result of this Fame, Ellen Grace Philpotts is now living a dream age. Ellen has done much Work in Hollywood. Some of her most Famous Movies include Inception. X-men, An American Crime and Whip it. 

One of the most interesting facts about Ellen Page’s life is That she is a Gay. and she takes her very proudly. 

Most of the time we love a certain Character too much and start assuming that it is their real life. But here for All Ellen Grace Philpotts Page fans, I have brought you some interesting details related to her early life, her career, and most importantly about her Gender. 

So let’s have a look at them. 

Ellen Page Early Life

Ellen Page was born on 21 Feb 1987 in Halifax Regional Municipality. She is Canadian by birth. Her mother was a graphic designer whereas her father was a teacher at that time. Her mother’s name is Martha Phillpotts and Her father’s name is Dennis Page. Her parents supported their daughter from the beginning. Just after Ellen’s birth, they realized that Ellen is not a normal child but she is an extraordinary personality with a lot of talent and skills. 

Ellen started her early education at Halifax Grammar School, she studied there till grade 10th. After that, she joined Queen Elizabeth High School. She completed her graduation in 2005. 

When Ellen was in her early school days, her parents forced her to take part in School dramas. They knew that Ellen has some amazing acting skills and they were trying to polish these skills. She participated in her first movie “Pin Pony” when she was just in grade 10th. Besides studies, Ellen was focusing on her acting skills as well. Later she joined Vaughan Road Academy. She took part in many stage dramas there and proved herself as one of the finest youngest actresses. 

Ellen Grace Career Life

Ellen Grace began her career in 1997 with the movie Pin pony. This movie was later converted to a Television series and it lasted till 2000. After that in 2002, Ellen became part of her very first movie The Wet Season. It was the beginning of Ellen Fame, After this movie she worked in several other Movies including 

  • Homeless to Harvard.
  • Ghost Cat.
  • Going for Broke.
  • I Downloaded a Ghost.
  • Trailer Park Boys.
  •  Regenesis. 
  • Tilda.
  •  Rideau Hall.
  • The X men series. 
  • Inception and many more. 

Ellen Grace is not only a fine actress but she is one of the most renowned Producers too. She has produced many successful movies including. 

  • The Forest. 
  • Freeheld. 
  • The Cured. 
  • May Days of Mercy.

Ellen Grace Awards and Achievements

Ellen Grace is one of the youngest actresses of Hollywood who has received multiple awards. She got a lot of recognition in some big award shows. Her achievement and award list are long but some of the most important achievements are mentioned below. 

  • In 2007, she won Teen Choice Award and Satellite Award. 
  • In the same year (2007) she got nominated for several other awards including BAFTA A, Screen Actors Guild Awards, Academy Awards, and Golden Globe Awards. 
  • In 2005 she won the Best Actress Award for Hard Candy at Austin Film Critics Association. 
  • In 2004 she became the winner of the Gemini Best Supporting Actress Award. 
  • Ellen won the MTV Movie Award for Best Frightened Performance for her most popular film Inception. 

Ellen Grace Personal Life

Ellen grace is a Gay and she accepts it very proudly. This confession was first made in her speech delivered at Human Rights Campaign’s “Time to Thrive” in Las Vegas. Ellen was first exposed during the Filming of the X-man. 

Ellen Grace fell in love with the famous dancer and choreographer Emma Portner. The couple got married in 2018 and they are living a happily married life till now. 

Other Interesting Details

Ellen Page is now 34 years of her Age. Her horoscope is Pisces. Her Height is Around 5 feet 1 inch. Her weight is around 47 kgs. Ellen is a pure vegetarian. She is very health-conscious, that’s why she does exercise and Yoga religiously. Her boy Measurements are 32-23-33. Her hair color is Dark brown and she has beautiful hazel-colored eyes. She has a fair complexion and a very slim and attractive body. 

She follows Christianity and there are no details regarding Ellen’s siblings. 

Ellen Grace Net Worth

Ellen Grace started working at a very young age. She has been in the industry for the past two decades and she is one of the most famous Hollywood actresses. Many fans are curious about Ellen’s Net Worth. So according to some Authentic Resources Ellen Earns $12 million Per year. She has a very luxurious lifestyle. Initially, She had a dreamy house in California. She sold it for $2.1 million. 

Ellen’s Net worth is increasing with every passing day as she is still part of many Tv shows. 

Wrapping Up

Here is all you need to know about your favorite Hollywood Celebrity Ellen Grace Philpotts page. Ellen Life is very interesting, she has done a lot of hard work throughout her career. She was born with acting talent and her parents supported her to polish her acting skills. She is now one of the most renowned artists in Hollywood. 

Ellen is living a dream Life. and she has proved that hard work always pays off.

Did you like the interesting facts related to Ellen Page’s life? Do you know something more interesting related to her life? If yes then feel free to share it with us in the comment section below.

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