All You Need to Know About Noah Shannon Green

Noah Shannon Green

Noah Shannon Green is a Popular Name. This Kid Got popular just after he was born. Noah Shannon is the eldest son of Famous Hollywood star Megan Fox. Noah has two more siblings named Bodhi Ransom Green, and Journey River Green. Noah was born when Megan Fox and her husband Brian Austin Green. Megan and Brain Broke up a few years ago. 

Noah Shannon is a celebrity child, he opened his eyes to fame and he is living a dreamy and luxurious life. Star kids are so lucky they get millions of fans without doing absolutely anything. Noah is in the same boat, he is one of the most popular star kids with thousands of fans in different parts of the world. 

His fans want to know some interesting facts related to Noah. So here are some interesting facts Related to Noah Shannon Green’s life. Let’s have a look at them. 

Noah Shannon Green Bio

Noah Shannon Green is the eldest child of the most beautiful Hollywood actress Megan Fox with her Ex-husband Brian Austin Green. Noah was born on 27 September 2012 in Los Angeles. He is 9 years old now. Noah came into the Spotlight because of two reasons, number 1, which is the firstborn of the Hollywood power couple, and Secondly because of his feminine Dressing. He has frequently been seen in Famine Dresses and he could be mistaken as a girl because of his long hair. Noah’s Feminine dressing came into the debate a lot of times. 

Noah has two more siblings and one stepbrother from his father’s Previous relationship with Vanessa Marcil. His stepbrother’s name is Kassius Lijah Marcil-Green. 

Noah has recently joined his elementary school. He is very active in studies as well as he also participates in a lot of fun activities including dramas and sports. Many people predict that Noah is going to be one of the superstars of Hollywood as acting and talent runs in his blood. 

Noah Shannon Green Parents

Megan Fox began her acting career and she became famous in no time. Megan and Brain met in 2004 during the shoot of their famous Film Hope and Faith. Fox has done many big films in her career some of her most prominent movies include Transformers, Transformers 2, and Jennifer’s Body. Brain on the other hand is a Famous Producer and Actor. Brain Also has done tons of movies in her career. Some of the most popular movies By Brain are Beverly Hills 90210, Desperate Housewives, Terminator.

Megan Fox and Brian Green Relationship are very confusing. They broke up several times and then got united after a few years. Megan was just 18 years of age when she started dating 30 years old Brain. They got engaged in 2006 and later on they canceled their engagement in 2009. 

Fox and Brain then again got engaged in 2010 and they invited a few close friends and family members to their marriage ceremony that took place at Four Seasons Resort in Maui, Hawaii.

The couple again got separated in 2015 but then they again reunited in 2016. Now both of them are separated. The couple has three cute kids. 

Noah Shannon Social Accounts

Megan Fox is a very private person when it comes to her kids. Noah Shannon Green doesn’t have any social media accounts. Though you might find some fake profiles that are run by His and Megan Fox Fans. Noah is not socially active. He is now just focusing on his studies and other co-curricular activities. 

But Noah’s Parents Megan Fox and Brain are active on social Platforms

Noah Shannon Career

Noah Shannon is currently 9 years of his age. Has not appeared on Television and film screens yet. But according to some authentic Resources Noah is taking acting classes. His parents are polishing his acting skills. But Megan and Brain are not going to force Noah, he would select his career path by himself. 

Noah Shannon Green Net Worth

Noah Shannon is born to a very rich family. His parents are the most powerful couple in Hollywood. Noah has not started his career yet that’s why his Net worth is not Known yet. But we are hoping that Noah is going to be a Superstar just like his parents. Noah’s Mother Megan Fox Net worth is around $10 million whereas his father’s Net worth is $12 million. Noah is living a luxurious life. 

Other Interesting Details About Noah Shannon Green

Noah Shannon is an amazing Painter. He is an artist just like his Parents. Recently Noah’s father Brain shared Noah’s Painting on his social media accounts. That painting was amazing. It was hard to believe that a 9-year-old boy has so much talent in him. Noah and Kim Kardashian’s daughter North West goes to the same Painting schools.

Noah’s dressing and his long hair had been in discussion. Noah is mostly dressed up in girlish clothes. According to his Mother, Noah likes to dress up according to his own will. He is so much into fashion and he Doesn’t care what people will say. 

Other than that Noah’s Zodiac Sign is Libra, and he has a fair complexion with brown long curly hair. He has one of the cutest faces. 

Wrapping Up

Here are all the interesting details related to Noah Shannon Green and his parents. Noah is one of the most attractive star kids with a huge fan following at such a young age. We are hoping to See Noah on the big screen soon. 

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