The Heroine Either Just Cries or Gets Married. Why Are Pakistani Dramas All the Same? A Few Channels That Have Closed Their Eyes

Pakistani Dramas All the Same

Pakistani TV dramas of any kind are seen by the public as entertainment. It is probably part of our routine that 8-9 night we especially women have fixed drama time and there is a chance to change another channel during that time. According to the woman’s wish, other members of the house also have to watch these dramas because they have to do story discs too. Now, when husbands are also forced to watch these dramas under force or to keep the heart of the women of the house, then the most objection is on the story because most of the stories are about male domination and cruelty of in-laws. There is a strong desire in the heart of men to finally ban these hackneyed stories so that something quality can be seen.

Our showbiz industry is developing significantly, new dramas are being produced, many dramas have passed which are loved by people like Humsafar, Zindagi Gulzar Hai, Mere Paas Tum Ho, Prizaad, Man Mile, Sang Mah. etc. Many of these television series are written in such a way as to create awareness among the public and make them aware of social issues. These are based on incidents that happen in our community such as domestic violence, sexual assault, honor killings and real life incidents.

Pakistani drama industry has seen many ups and downs. The quality of today’s dramas is being criticized. Producers say that as they try to maintain quality, the content goes against the ‘mainstream’. In other words, what people want to see is produced now, otherwise the dramas will not run. There is definitely a large group of viewers who want to watch dramas that don’t revolve around common stories but are based on unique ideas, but those viewers are very few, so producers and writers have to make the same dramas.

Many television dramas like Ranjha Ranjha Kurdi, Dar Se Jati Hi Seela, Preezaad, Dil Na Omid Toh Nai, Raqib Se, Ahad Wafa, Last Station etc. have also won the hearts of viewers in the recent past. Although the stories are hits, the producers and writers still insist that such dramas do not get the attention and ratings that other mainstream dramas get.

It is fair to say here that making quality dramas requires a lot of hard work, creativity and of course time and the fact is that most channels have to air dramas throughout the year so they invest so much in each project. Can’t do it. These channels have to get the desired ratings so obviously they take shortcuts. Many actors and directors have expressed their disappointment in their interviews in this regard. Producers’ main objective is business, so it becomes easy for them to blame viewers for watching poor dramas. They don’t want to acknowledge the fact that there is a huge audience for quality content because it goes against their own agenda. Isn’t this selfish? After all, who will be responsible for the moral education of the society?

While people are constantly accused of leaving no option for the producers, there is also constant criticism on social media regarding the decline of Pakistani dramas. Such criticism is often suppressed. There is no doubt that most of the people want the best products and the rating is also for such materials which are easy to produce and reuse. There are changes in the society. After all, why did people watch the same standard dramas during the time of PTV? Because they knew how to see the standard. It is clear that the 3 mainstream channels of Pakistani dramas are responsible for the gradual decline as they are the main stakeholders. Of course these channels have to earn revenue but they have a duty to ensure that the quality of Pakistani dramas does not go down further.

Some of the special topics of these well-known channels are the oppression of women, the spread of wealth, the oppression of the in-laws or the oppression of the lower class by the rich. Most of his dramas revolve around the same themes which are responsible for the downfall of Pakistani dramas at this time.

  • Jeev seems to have abandoned himself due to which even his most loyal viewers have stopped watching his dramas. Not only is Jio recycling script ideas, they also don’t put too much effort into designing the posters of their dramas. The same type of posters are being used for all the plays.

*ARY Digital has also aired good dramas but the fact is that ARY gives maximum screen time to negative and toxic characters. ARY also takes up serious and sensitive topics but these dramas get so long that the audience loses interest. Most of the dramas aired on the channel usually start with a very fast pace but then the story drags on so long that the interest is lost. Watch the clips of these dramas on Facebook and you will understand the entire episode.

Recently he hired a respected writer like Rudin Shah to write a play like “Kisi Teri Selfishness”. The character of the hero is that of a fanatic and stubborn. The story of the drama, acting and other things are very good but the character of the heroine is very weak, she just cries or walks on the breeze or she gets married to someone else, on the one hand the media wants to strengthen the Pakistani woman. She is standing on her feet, but the woman in the drama seems to be wasting all that effort. Hubs drama has a good theme that when girls start earning, some parents consider them as money making machines and don’t want to marry them. The story is very unique and the actors are also playing their roles well, just don’t make the drama too long and end it with the interest of the audience so that people don’t get bored and stop watching the drama.

*”Hum” is definitely ‘better’ than the other channels but that is only because the other channels are not doing particularly well. The dramas aired on Hum more often than the dramas aired on the other two channels. are different. That’s why most of our dramas are in the shortlist of unique dramas. A lot of work is being done but there are only a handful of Pakistani dramas that you can call somewhat standard, currently the decline of Pakistani dramas. It has started again. These channels must improve their work! Otherwise drama industry may be in danger just like film industry.

There is no denying that both media and television together play an important role in the development of society’s thinking. Unlike in the past, today’s dramas feel a little out of touch with our culture and morals. Therefore, it is fair to say that the content broadcasted on television is as important as educational institutions in building the values ​​of our people. Foreign countries are using the power of media to produce content that helps to eradicate traditional negative aspects and spread reform in the society. However, this is not happening at all in Pakistan.

What is the Future of the Drama Industry?

The situation is not so desperate, looking at the immense success and TRP of some dramas, it can be predicted that the Pakistani drama industry may get a boost in the coming years. With well-written plots and quality performances, the world of TV dramas can reach new heights. Producers need to come up with new ideas, break from stories that have been running for years. Dramas based on women’s self-esteem, stories based on true events or popular novels and plots based on historical events will certainly prove effective.

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