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While using Google Chrome, there are times when strange things happen to us, and we become ancient to know what is happening. You might have experienced that when you type “t” you usually see an option to type 6 in a search bar. This happens a lot of times. If this is happening with you whenever you are using the google search bar then there is nothing to worry about. This is a normal google function that is known as Algorithm”. With the help of these google allows you to show more relevant results whenever you search anything through bookmarks and history on google chrome. If you are seeing place:type=6&sort=14&maxresults=10/ issue again and again, then there is no way to resolve it. The only solution to this issue is using “incognito”. 

But many experts suggest not to use incognito mode as it restricts what type of data gets stored locally. place:type=6&sort=14&maxresults=10/ is a normal issue and you need to get worried about it. 

In the article below I am going to talk about certain other issues that happen usually and we get curious to know why these are happening. Though these issues are not harming our systems just for your satisfaction I am going to talk about these. 

So let’s have a look. 

Firefox Showing Weird Search Option: 

A few days ago I was just randomly using firefox. While searching different things in a search bar, I suddenly noticed that firefox is showing some weird results. Every Time I was typing something in the search bar, a new tab opened showing a variety of search results. I was wondering whether Firefox has become extra smart and cool or is there something wrong with the version I am using. 

After doing a lot of research for hours I came to know the reason. Firefox has some feature that is known as “Pre-installed extensions” and this feature sometimes shows weird search results. There is nothing to worry about. 

How to Change Proxy Settings in Firefox? 

If you are trying to change Proxy settings then great you are at the right place. This task can be done easily by following the brief step-by-step guide below. So let’s have a look. 

  • First of all, open Firefox. 
  • Now go to “tools” and select Option” from the menu. 
  • Now at the top of the windows, you will see an “Advanced tab”. Click on it. 
  • In the new window, select the network setting by the scroll-down menu. 
  • Here you can change proxy settings of Firefox, just select any one option either HTTP or HTTPS. Most people use HTTP settings. 
  • Below these options, you will see two fields For IP address and PORT number. Fill these fields respectively. 

You are done. Now relaunch Firefox and use the correct id and password combination. You just need to provide your id and password information once you have changed the proxy settings. 

How to Change Proxy Settings in Firefox? 

Firefox is one of the best browsers in the world. It always gives you a smooth experience. But many users have reported that sometimes when they open firefox, Multiple processes are being shown in the task manager. This is unusual behavior and it can be fixed easily by following the simple steps mentioned below. 

  • First of all Open firefox. 
  • Now click the firefox button on the top left corner of your browser. 
  • From the drop-down menu click on “Help” 
  • Now keep scrolling down until you find an option saying “How can I stop a process”. 
  • Click on it and you will see multiple options like kill the process, or stop the process, etc. select the option that suits best your need and then close help. 
  • Now relaunch Firefox and check if this issue is resolved or not. 

Twitter Gifs Are Not Working in Firefox? 

Twitter is one of the most famous social platforms. It is used by millions of people across the globe and the number of users is increasing every day. You can use Twitter from your laptop and smartphone. If you are using Firefox as a browser then you might encounter a problem. Many Twitter users have complained that Twitter GIFs don’t work properly on Firefox. Have you faced this issue? If yes then this problem is caused by the latest firefox update (firefox 55.0.3). This issue can be resolved easily. 

To resolve this issue. Look at the guide below. 

Check Your Internet Connection: 

First of all, you need to check your internet connection. Sometimes this problem occurs because of lost or interrupted connection. Restart your wifi router and check if this issue is resolved or not. If the issue persists then move onwards towards the next step. 

Clean Up Cache And Cookies: 

Too much cache and cookies can do something wrong with browsers. So it is important to clean Cache and cookies. Cleaning cache makes your system fast and more active. 

To clean cache 

  • Click on the 3 bars on the top right corner and now select settings. 
  • Now you will be redirected towards preferences 
  • Click on privacy and security. 
  • Now keep scrolling down until you find cookies and site data. From here click on clear data. 

Now relaunched Firefox and check if the issue is resolved or not. If not then head towards the next solution. 

Clear Search History: 

Too much data in the search history is also one of the prominent reasons that slow down the browser’s settings. So it is wise to keep cleaning your search history. For doing so in firefox select the three-bar option on the right corner and click on history. Now click on clear history. Now refresh the Twitter web page and check if the issue is solved. 

Disable Extensions and Plug-ins: 

You can resolve this issue by disabling Extensions and Plug-ins too. 

  • Click the three-bar option given on the top right corner. From the menu select “Extensions and Themes”. 
  • Now you will be redirected to another webpage. From here you can turn off all the extensions, plugins and Ad Blockers ( if you have installed any) 

Adblockers usually block GIFs too. Now Relaunch Firefox and check if the problem is solved or not. 


Here is all you need to know about place:type=6&sort=14&maxresults=10/ issue and many other issues that we encountered in our daily lives. Operating systems sometimes misbehave too. So there is nothing to worry about. All you need to do is just relax and read about the issue on google. As Google has an answer for every problem. 

Did you find this information useful? If yes then feel free to share it with your friends and family members. 

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