We all have a hidden writer inside us, so do you! We all are just afraid to pen down our thoughts because we think we aren’t good enough or someone criticizes us more than we could imagine. Whatever the reason was in your case, let it go! Write again on business, tech, how-to, reviews, blogs, or whatever your niche is. If your niche is the same as our categories, we are happy to announce that Flyngi is open to publishing aspiring authors’ guest posts.

All the youthful writers and hopeful essayists confronting inconvenience publishing their work, this for all of you! We “team Flyngi” appreciate the young personalities since we know their thoughts and contemplations are new, and that is what everybody needs today. If you have a decent knowledge of different points and have great composition and research abilities, we welcome you to compose. You can send us a blog entry on any of our referenced classifications and get an opportunity to publish your work. 

We see how troublesome it is today to prove your worth as a writer or publish a guest post. Every website has different criteria, and some are extremely expensive, yet they are not tenable sources. However, if you intend to compose a blog or paid visitor post for us, none of this will be an issue for you. We treat our contributors as someone special and understand the worth of each word they compose. 

Team Flyngi exceptionally appreciates pieces, including pictures, interlinks, recordings, and so on. Besides, we publish and promote exceptional thoughts, unique ideas, and writers with a vision. Along these lines, attempt not to get in touch with us if you have a propensity to take another person’s work. Do you have your thoughts? Awesome! Pitch it to us right now, and we will see what you have got.

Our Categories

You can write a guest post in any of the following categories.


Business is an essential part of society, and in the world, everyone wants to be his boss. Nobody likes to work for someone else and be dependent on them forever. We have introduced the category “business” on our website so authors can write about new emerging businesses along with their scope. You may also write about different people’s roles in society or a business’s role in society. You can write on any topic of your choice as long as it provides value.

How To

One of the categories that we feature is “how to”- it serves as a guideline in which we help people familiarize and equip them with different tools and programs. You can send us any pre-composed non-counterfeited articles dependent “on the best way to” or rules. These articles can either be about tips and steps of utilizing a specific item or administration. These articles may also fall in the classification of design or tech or lifestyle, such as “how to transfer data from ps4 to ps5”. These articles should mean to give straightforwardness to the reader and cover their maximum inquiries. 


Our other main category is “news.” We include numerous articles in this class since individuals are continually looking for them. The news is possibly in the structure or identified with any field. You can cover points identified with creating financial conditions, wellbeing circumstances, changing political situations, and so on. You may likewise send us a paid guest post on natural disasters and different emergencies. Be that as it may, while composing such articles, ensure your composition and all information are accurate and dependable. We don’t publish news stories dependent on conclusions and perspectives. To build your odds of being acknowledged, adhere to the most recent points and create circumstances and news.


The top trending topics have the maximum ears! So, if you as a reader are into the latest gossip, technologies, and inventions, writing a guest post for “Flyngi” might be your perfect fit. You can use your writing skills to convey messages and inform the audience about what’s going on in the world. It will also help the readers know what things to focus on to gain maximum benefit.


With everything on the planet moving towards advanced easy ways and digitalization, the interest for contraptions and tech-related items is higher than any recent memory. Each organization is on a journey to dispatch new items consistently. But since many organizations and things are accessible on the lookout, the purchasing choice is tough. So if you need to compose a guest post, consider writing on the best or most recent contraptions alongside their highlights, masters, and cons. 

You can likewise draw examinations between gadgets of different high-end companies. For instance, you can expound on “should I move from Samsung to iPhone?”  We, too, are eager to publish articles about programming projects, affiliate marketing programs, freelancing fields, etc.


Life cannot go on without entertainment, and nobody wants to live a boring life either. Hence, you can write a paid guest post on topics featuring celebrities, social websites, or anything else that can help people ease their minds. This category’s articles are supposed to take the readers to a peaceful world and into a light mood. No heavy stuff!

Home Appliance

Home appliances are essentials and basic. Whether you are a boy, girl, young, or old, home appliances are a must. In this section, we want to introduce home appliances to our readers to make their lives easier for anyone. Do you know about something that has made your life easier? Write about it and share the knowledge with others!


Well-being is liberty, yet we as a whole overlook it the most. Furthermore, it is the very explanation we need writers and authors to compose a  highly engaging and authentic paid guest post on medical and health-related subjects- you may focus on mental, physical, or general wellbeing. We are open to publishing any health-related post that can benefit the readers in any way possible.

You don’t need to stress a lot over composition for this classification, as wellbeing in any structure is fundamental. You can expound on activities, yoga, eating habits, clinical focuses, the advantages and disadvantages of meds, etc. Ensure your paid guest post is right inside and out, and your recommendation or sentiments have evidence. We would prefer not to change our pursuers’ lives by giving them admittance to conceivably unsafe substances.


It is all about lifestyle! Everyone has their way of living, but we want our readers to adapt to a healthy lifestyle. If you are an author who pays special attention to foods, drinks, exercises, and activities, we want you to write a guest post to us so that others can learn from your experiences as well.


Making buying decisions are never easy, but you can make them easier for a vast audience. If you have recently purchased a top trending product, such as ps5, iPhone pro max, or a home appliance, we want you to write reviews about them for our audience. While writing a review ensures you provide accurate information and are not biased.


Just like all other categories, “blogs” are an essential part of today. Every second person is fond of blogging, and if you are one of them, it is a golden opportunity for you. Write a paid guest post on our website, and let people know about you! Open the doors to growth for yourself. You can write a blog on your niche such as “lifestyle,” “tech,” “business,” or any other.

Our Requirements

Team flyngi is open to all blogs and articles as long as they resonate with the website’s theme. You can pitch your piece regardless of whether it is your first piece or a thousandth one. However, to increase your chances of being published on our site, it is good you keep in mind our guidelines and requirements.

  • Your article should not be less than or more than 700-800 words. It is our set limit, and we do not entertain guest posts out of this range.
  • Ensure that your guest post falls in at least one of the categories mentioned above. If not, we are sorry to say, but we will proceed further without checking it.
  • Authenticity and reliability are the keys! If you want to publish an article, make sure all data is reliable and taken from authentic sources. You may add interlinks to avoid any confusion.
  • Send you original and unique content. We do not promote writers stealing someone else’s work.
  • Avoid plagiarism and focus on writing grammatically correct content.
  • Proofread your article at least twice before sending your guest post to us. Check for minor mistakes like punctuations etc. as well.
  • The article should be in a positive and friendly tone. Ensure that negative, harsh, or derogatory comments are not a part of your piece.
  • Avoid spam and send us exciting and engaging articles.

How to Submit

To submit your guest post to flyngi, follow the steps below:

  • Prepare a draft of your article falling in the categories as mentioned earlier and email us your blog.
  • Ensure the format of your blog is editable and readable such as google docs and word files.
  • Our team will write back feedback to you within 2-3 days.
  • We will publish your article straight away if we find it a perfect fit for our website. If not, we will inform you.
  • Our team will discuss payment plans with you for your paid guest post soon after reviewing your article.